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Medan Post Office

Medan Post Office is one of the historic buildings that are still standing strong in Medan. It is dealing with the Merdeka Square, not far from the Merdeka Walk also make this building into a historical attraction visited by foreign and local tourists. Dutch architectural style is still thick, similar to the architectural style of Titi Hanging near the station, and is maintained until now. Until now, this building became vital for the community building Medan. The function of the building from the past until now remains the same, which is to send a letter and other functions. Medan Post Office established in 1911, which diarsiteki by one of the Dutch architect Snuyf. The building has an area of ​​1200 square meters, with a height of 20 meters. The post office every day crowded with officers passing by the post office and Medan community fro interested send a letter or a gyro. 

The post office located in the heart of Medan is also an icon of the city of Medan. The building is dominated by white and orange color, which is the identity Pos Indonesia has a unique dome shape. Dome shape is maintained even if the post office has undergone several renovations. The windows are located on the sides of buildings semicircular, with white pillars supporting it, makes the building look like a bird cage. Indeed, the concept of the establishment of a post office in general was to deliver a letter. Antiquity, before the motor, people still use carrier pigeons as a means of correspondence. Therefore, the post office symbols throughout Indonesia is a dove. This concept was later adopted as a symbol of the establishment of Pos Indonesia. 

Includes building that resembles a typical pigeon nest. Unique side that is able to attract tourists to visit the post office. How interesting the post office, how not? old post office is saving hundreds of years of history that occurred in the city of Medan. The post office is a silent witness public figures struggle for independence Medan. Medan Post Office is one of the historic buildings in Medan asset that deserves to be treated. Stop by to see the unique style of the architect existing post office building in downtown Medan is if you're walking around in the Medan.

Some of the photos of Medan Post Office:

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